About Me

Welcome all to my about page.

I could go on for hours with this page but to spare you all who’s reading this the time it would take (knowing myself) to read a 5k+ word monologue that I wrote about your’s truly, I will instead give you a few paragraphs about me and what my ambitions are for the future. You will also by the end of this short piece of writing realise that I have a found appetite for Tea. One that often leads me to gabbing to a friend on camera about random stuff.

So to begin my name as you probably have guessed by the website domain is in fact Leon. I am from the UK and live in the city of Hull (proud to be a Yorkshire lad as well). I’m 19 and study Media at College. I love watching Sport with American Football and Rugby being my favourite sports. Hull FC is my team in Rugby and I currently am a Season pass holder. As for American Football, my team is the New England Patriots. Despite popular opinion, I am not a glory hunter. My cousin supported the Patriots and it seemed like a logical team to pick so I could engage in conversation with him about the team. I also play American Football for the Humber Warhawks, a team based in Hull. My team has training and competitive games each Sunday. To give you some insight on how it goes for me, each one of my Sunday afternoons basically consist of me getting smashed in the chest on a regular basis. At times it can be quite fun even if I can be a little sore after each game and training session. My interests don’t stop there though, I spend a lot of my time teaching myself Spanish. I am still at the intermediate level but I love the process of learning new words by watching, listening and indulging in Spanish culture.

Games are a thing I absolutely adore . Remembering the days of me on a Sunday afternoon, at my cousins house playing on a PS2 or Sega Dreamcast is something I’ll cherish for the rest of my days. Games mean everything to me. They taught me how to love, laugh and survive in this world and while I’m grateful for my education I received at school, games in my opinion taught me greater life lessons as a whole. I wouldn’t consider my gaming habits a hobby but at the same time, I wouldn’t call it an addiction. For me the choice of words I would use is ‘Gaming is a way of life for me’. The countless hours I have put into many games to maybe earn a 10 gamer score achievement is something only achievement hunters will understand. The term achievement hunter is just a phrase to describe avid Xbox players like me, who aim to complete tasks in games we own. Upon completion of these tasks you earn score which counts towards your overall total and this is call your gamerscore.

Tea. That special substance that me as a Brit treasures daily is a drink that I consume religiously everyday. I loved it that much that I created my own show in cohesion with my Media course called ‘Tea with Leon’. I basically gave myself a reason to drink more tea ( I know judge me people). To be honest the main reason for this shows existence is to showcase my media piers ambitions, while at the same time improving my ability to host and present a show. My own little baby is still in its first season but many more ideas have popped in my head as to where I can take the show. The potential where this project of mine can go is unthinkable for me. If you wanted to check it out head over to my Contact page where you can find a link to my channel.

Media as a subject is something I’ve always been interested in. Currently I am in my second year at college studying Media. The confidence that this course has given me as well as the skills and attributes I have acquired over my time enables me to pursue my career ambitions. This fills me with humbleness and makes me very grateful that I have a great support net behind me. So to my Career ambitions. Well the subject at hand has changed drastically from what I originally set out to do. My path that I had in my head at ten years old was becoming a professional Rugby player. Being a Hull FC fan, nothing excited me more in my head then stepping out in front of a packed crowd at the KCOM stadium, all decked out in black and white colours, heart pumping, readily waiting to do my home city proud by playing for the mighty black and whites! That was the dream back then.

Now, the dream has changed to something more realistic while still remaining an ambitious career choice. That is to become a Journalist whether that be a broadcast Journalist you see on television everyday or a newspaper Journalist that is featured in the UK papers daily. The story behind my decision is quite simple really. In recent years, I have grown a fondness for creative writing and I have a knack for wanting to be on camera. My Mam used to call me a drama queen when I was younger and still does (much to my despair) so that should give you some indication into how I was like at home way back when.

This is just the beginning for me and to know the best days of my life are ahead is an exciting prospect to think about. Thank you for reading.


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